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Recently, our company has discovered that our name of W.P. Jewellery Company Limited has been misappropriated. This has come with the spread of a false recruitment advertisement about the hiring and casting of models on various social media platforms and job advertisement websites.  

In view of the recent situation, to protect the reputation of our company and brand, and to avoid the public from being deceived even further, we want to state the following: 

1) Our company has neither released any recruitment advertisement on any website  / recruitment institution nor authorized any website or institution to release hiring or casting related information 

2) Job applicants are requested to carefully identify the authenticity of the information. Our company will not take responsibility for any loss caused by the false information or participating in activities through unofficial channels such as intermediaries and personal recommendations.


3) Our company will pursue legal action against institutions and individuals who purposely misuse our company’s data to publish false recruitment information or for any other purposes.

Best Regards,

W.P. Jewellery Company Limited

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