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We only have one planet

It's time for Ethical and Sustainable Jewellery

By choosing W.P. Jewellery, you are making an active choice to respect people and our planet.



As a company that promotes sustainability, W.P. utilises recycled metals in the production of our silver and gold Jewellery to reduce our ecological footprints. Extracted from left-over metal products, the recycled silver/ gold is then melted down and fabricated into our brand-new Jewellery.

Recycling metals is our solution to reduce the amount of precious metal resources we need to assemble our products. We certainly would not wish to see our limited natural resources going to waste.  In addition, reusing metals could also cut down the carbon footprints we leave from transporting materials.


Sustainability is the key to our success. We firmly believe in upholding responsible Jewellery practices and giving back to the community. Especially when more than 60% of our staff have dedicated themselves to W.P. for over 10 years. Their effort has supported our aim of bringing high quality Jewellery to our customers throughout the years.

Therefore, we value the need of creating a healthy working environment. It is our commitment to respect the rights of our employees with the highest labour standards, valuing diversity, fair pay, employee involvement, equality, working hours, and women empowerment in our workplace.

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